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Related post: Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 08:16:06 japanese pedo love dolls -0600 From: Rocky Wallbaum Subject: Retreat Treat part 1"Church retreat treat" By Rocky Wallbaum with `Robby' Rocky Rodgers was happy about going to the church retreat, and looking forward to pedo incest rape acting as a foster parent to the disadvantaged youth. Rocky figured he had skills as both a mentor and as an adult figure. As the first day progressed, he found he was having fun with the younger people. There was one boy, around 14, named Robby, to whom Rocky had taken quite a shine. He rape pedo kds extreme was a very nice young man, and portal cp pedo by coincidence, Rocky and Robby were paired up -- Rocky figured it was because they both had come alone. They shared one of the sets of pedo girl sex photo bunk beds in Cabin 4. child pedo clips They went to the same sessions, and ate together at phtc pedo porn meal times. At break after the little pedoworld kindergarten topsite choir galleries little pedo time, Rocky smiled over at Robby. "Hey Robby - I think this is going to be fun!" The older and younger men continued through the day, enjoying the crafts and helping each other. They developed a natural and affectionate friendship. Both remarked that it was like they'd known underground illegal pedo each other for ages. After filling their trays with food for supper and finding a 3d pedo incest table for two, the erotic stories pedo incest older man wiped his mouth with his handkerchief, and bent forward, whispering to his co- conspirator, "Why don't we use the time here after supper to set up a tent we can sleep in instead of the cabin...?" pedophilia pics free site Robby's eyes pedo candid pics darted around to see if anyone else had heard. Rocky could tell the boy loved being sneaky. Robby replied, under his breath. "Sure will... This is the best retreat ever!!" Rocky said, scanning the nearby tables busy with hungry campers, "We can go down by the beach - hidden in the woods -- It'll be our special secret!" Everyone else in the dining hall was settling into their tea, or going back for dessert. Robby whispered, his face bright with glee, "Hee hee..! They won't even know where we are!" Rocky answered, "Yeah - we'll have illeagel pedo cp sites our own retreat - just us!! Robby smiled warmly and reached under the table to take Rocky's hand. "I like that idea!" ls pedo site "Let's vicky pedo suck get the stuff down there - we got fifteen minutes." "You bet, Mr. Rodgers," answered the boy. The two returned their trays and snuck out the kitchen door and brasilian pedophilia to Rocky's pedofilia kids jpg vehicle where he pulled the little real pedo pup tent and sleeping bag out of the trunk. Tossing the sleeping bag baby photo pedo porno to the boy, Rocky smiled and said, "Don't worry - it's a double sleeping bag - we can snuggle! Ha-ha!!" Robby smiled back broadly, "This is so kewl... I like secrets like this!" pedo lilita kds Rocky said, "We don't have much time - let's go - you go find us a spot if you want. I kind of like being sneaky, too!" Rocky was struggling with the girls lsm pedo bigger sleeping bag, and mentioned, "Or, you could help me carry this..." Turning as he closed the trunk, Rocky saw Robby was off, almost running to find a hiding spot. The two men went the back pedo nude incest way... and then found a little clearing -- a bit off the path. Robby spoke up, "Just anywhere private -- so ******** pedo mother we can stay up late talking and no one will illegal pedo teens hear us making noise!" he said excitedly. sexe kids pedo Rocky said, "O.K., Robby, you make your way through the brush. Go in and I'll see pedo baby rompl if I can see you." The men were about 100 meters from the main cabins. A voice came out from the dense bush that almost surrounded the older man. "How's it look out there?" The older man answered honestly, "Where are you?" "It'll be perfect!" he cried, "Come on out and show me the way in. Laughing, Robby parted some branches, surprising Rocky. "Ha ha ha... Here I am!" "That'll be pedo photos sex great!" photos pedo free laughed cp movies pedo Rocky, pulling the boy pedo kids babies pics into his arms and hugging him. Robby seemed to like that and hugged the secret pedo cams older man back. Holding on tight, the boy said, dreamily, "So private and so sneaky," and looked up into Rocky's eyes and smiled, pedo previews hugging the older man even more tightly, and humming softly, "mmmmmmmmm." Rocky said, "O.K., let's grab pedo asian girls the gear and bring it in." Robby was repeating "Just us guys!" Once he child love photos pedofilia got through the brush to the clearing, Rocky commented, "Boy! Whew - there's no breeze in here - it's hot!" Robby was still wandering around clearing a spot for the tent and mumbling, "Just us two..." Rocky slipped his t-shirt off and slipped the tent out of its free pedo cp pics canvas bag. Robby was watching boys teen pedo the older man. "Uh, could we leave the flaps open...? Nobody can see us out here anyways..." Rocky said, "Sure thing," as he quickly set up the tent and laid out the sleeping bag inside. Robby is holding a flashlight to see dimly, but it's still light out. Rocky put his hand on russan pedo porn the younger man's and says, "Later, hon. Time for that later...," and then he smiled and asked, "Uh oh - I gotta take a leak - where's the bathroom, Robby?" Robby replied, "Ha ha haa!" "...All around us. dee and desi pedophile Pick a tree!" Rocky smiled and said, "O.K., smart ass! We better go back for fuck animal pedo the sing song round the campfire. "But first things first - you probably have to pee too!" Robby whined, "Aww xxxfree pedo - do we have to?" Rocky shook his head in mock disgust. "Here, let's make this our spot together! Come here! We'll 'mark our territory' - like vicky pedo photo dogs do! pedo to sites Robby laughed, "Hah ha...our own bathroom! pedo russiankiddy Rocky unzipped and pulled out his semi hard dick, asking, pedoporn hentai and "Ready?" With that he glanced up at the younger man's eyes. pedoland is back pedo troie "Aim......." the older man continued... Robby giggled, "This is fun... kinda naughty." petite teen pedo Rocky said, "If you don't whip it out it'll be MY campsite, and you'll have to follow MY rules if you want to stay here!" Robby shyly pulled out his pecker, nothing cp pedo stories to pedo illegal nude be ashamed of really, it hung a good four inches past his pedo teen naturalist zipper. pedo top porn "O.K., girlie," Rocky sneered, "Ready now?" Robby took his limp dick in hand and aimed it pedoland link archives lists at what he thought was the same tree as Rocky, who cried "Fire!" cute pedofilia The two men let pedosex stories loose streams of yellow liquid and both sighed at pedo lolta the release of the pent up fluids. Rocky warned, "Now, not all of it. We have to do the four corners! O.K., stop - give it a shake..." Rocky shook the end of his dick a little but was watching Robby. toplist child pedo The older man's dick was noticeably swollen. japan nude child pedo "Now, the next corner." sex pedo asian nude Rocky spread his legs and held his dick again, this time having to hold it down. "Hmm," nude young girls pedo muttered the older man, "getting harder to pee." Robby giggled,"This is wild!" then, in a lower voice, he said, "Wow - you pedoworld dark collection sure got pedo xxx forbidden a lot, Mr. incest pedo pics free Rogers." "All that tea, Robby," smiled the older man. The men sprayed another few seconds and then stopped their streams free sites pedo porno again. "OK, next one!" The men shuffled along again, side by side, one hand on their pricks as they moved. pre pedo fuck pics Robby, puffing up his chest, said, "I'll go first this time! The young man's voice was confident "Aim.....FIRE!!!" And then he giggled... Rocky put his arm across the younger man's shoulders and aimed his stream to cross his, saying, "Firing as ordered, captain!" pedo porn pics The younger man stood, grinning up at his new friend. "This is so much fun!" Rocky stopped his stream. "One more corner - can you pedo fotos porn make it, Robby?" underground pedoporn illegal Always up for the challenge, the young man said, "Sure. I got some left! Hee hee." Leaving their dicks out, the men moved to the last corner. illegal pedo gay "Now, let it all hang out!" announced Rocky. The men finished the last dribbles.... Rocky said, matter of factly, "You got quite the tool, there, Robby," as he shook the last drops off his dick. Well, he wasn't shaking it exactly, but... was stroking it a little. Robby looked up and see the older man watching the younger's hand on his boy dick. As Rocky watched, it seemed -- or did it? -- that the dick in the pedo mafia sex boy's hand was stiffening... Rocky smiled and said "This is just about perfect, eh?" The older man tousled Robby's hair, while his other hand continued milking child pedo porn pics his dick slowly. Robby glanced over and then away again, scanning the trees. But his dick didn't lie as it stiffened and curved upwards visibly in the boy's hand. "Wow, Mr. Rogers..." Robby gasped. Rocky said, "We should go to the sing song, right?" Robby continued staring, first at the ground, and then his older friend's thick and stiffening dick. "You're really....big..."Rocky smiled and let go of his now hard dick, and started to put it back into his pants, "Well, I am a big man... and movies porno pedo cock you are not to children pedo porn pic tiny either, there, Robby." The older man nodded over towards Robby's hardon. fuck my pedo "Yeah," stammered the young man, "I guess... sex pedo files pics I'm 14 now!" Rocky smiled softly as he tucked himself away, "I am a little thicker is all pedo small girl I think. pedo teen heaven pedo russians boys And Robby, I think you are a fine young nudity sex russian pedo man." pedoland porno The older man went on, "You want to go sit by the fire? I love your young voice...." he paused, "Better zip up here, too; I don't think the rest will understand." lesbian pedo moms Robby shook his head as he pushed his stiffie back into his pants. "This is more fun... But we could if you want to. Rocky's hand pedo links child porn fell from the boy's shoulder and fumbled with his zipper. "Let's go and sing a bit. We can stay up and chat long after the rest do lights out!" The two men walked up the circle, and they sang together, making merry music, their eyes meeting from time to time and their own pedo sexy blogs private fire burning there that only they could see. In one interlude, as everyone else was talking about how much fun pedo loltas it was to sing, Robby whispered in his older friend's ear, "Ha he! Maybe if we drink a lot we can mark our territory again." The campfire ended with a few slow hymns. hentai pedophilia Robby moved to stand forbidden pedo incest fucking in front of his new friend, and the two sang quietly, mellowing out in the twilight. Rocking from side to side, Rocky felt his young friend children porn pedo in front of him, leaning back into his chest. After the official closing and benediction, in pairs, the men and boys headed off, some for more hot chocolate, teen ilegal pedo some going for a walk on the grounds or along the lakeside. Robby and Rocky wandered off, quiet. Automatically Robby's hand reached up and took Rocky's. "Want more hot chocolate?" Rocky asked softly. "Or pedo ptsc shall we go and grab our canteens? asian cp pedo I have a few ciders in my backpack..." Robby answered, "Let' just go 'home.' I think the cider lesbian 12 yo pedo would pedofilia girls sex download taste better...." pedo sexpics His older friend paused, turned to his friend, and gave him a hug and a kiss on the top of the younger man's head. Arms in arm, their private secret still fresh in their minds, the men approached the hidden entrance to their secret place. "Sure thing," the older man said, enjoying pedos free pics the closeness of his young friend. In an is anime pedo illegal excited voice, Robby said, "Not that it'll just make me feel good. But it ... uh ... will help free pedo pages us sleep. pedo wearing diapers stories russian mafia pedo Hee hee."End of junior pedo part 1
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